Phoenix | Solutions
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Please visit Phoenix Private Wealth for more information.


  • “Phoenix Private Equity seeks to match up unique investment opportunities with suitable and like-minded investors.”
    • Phoenix Private Equity is a specialist private equity and venture capital business operating in South Africa and Zambia. Phoenix prides itself in being able to attract highly skilled individuals to satisfy the needs of a broad client base backed by the ability to structure and strategically design the business governance structures and implementation plan to ensure the interest of all stakeholders are cared for.
  • Phoenix provides the following specialist Private Equity investment services:
    • Active investment participation;
    • Capital raising;
    • Deal origination;
    • Investment structuring;
    • Tax structuring;
    • Transaction structuring in South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius, Seychelles and other legal jurisdictions.
  • The current projects include specialist companies that provide the following wide range of specialist products and services:
    • Rated independent economic research;
    • Corporate treasury solutions;
    • Water treatment solutions;
    • Roads infrastructure solutions;
    • Industrial non-woven materials;
    • Property Fund Investments;
    • Clean Energy Utility.


  • “Phoenix provides unique advisory solutions empowering our clients to achieve their financial and organisation goals through specialist knowledge and skills in Corporate Finance and B-BBEE legislation.”
  • Phoenix provides the following specialist advisory services:
    • Business strategy;
    • B-BBEE advisory & structuring;
    • Change management;
    • Company valuations;
    • Corporate Finance;
    • Enterprise and supplier development advisory.
    • Financial instrument valuations;
    • Governance advisory;
    • Organisational structure;
    • Regulatory advisory;
    • South African Reserve Bank Executive Committee Advisory;
    • Tax Accounting Advisory;
    • Tax Structuring;
    • Transaction & Share Scheme Valuations;
    • Transaction structuring.