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The Taxation of Cryptocurrency: What You Need To Know

Many South Africans have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon in recent years, with some even making their millions in the digital realm. In light of these advances in digital currency technology, SARS has announced that cryptocurrency will be subject to normal income tax rules. SARS regards cryptocurrency as an intangible asset, and any income that […]

Execution Over Strategy

Entrepreneurs who want to build successful sustainable businesses should focus on execution rather than fixating on developing a winning strategy. René Otto, who launched insurer MiWay in 2008 at the behest of Sanlam, Santam and PSG, says that while it is important that businesses have a strategy so they know where they are going and […]

SMEs expected to create 90% of formal jobs by 2030, but they need a lifeline

By 2030, the government wants 90% of all formal jobs to be created by SMEs. Yet, while they are considered the solution to the economic and employment problems of South Africa, it is small businesses that in fact need the lifeline. This as business is only good for 10% of them. The rest is being […]

Four Ways To Get Your Team Amped For The Year

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it takes hard work to keep a team motivated enough to… work hard. While everybody is still busy setting up their strategies for the year, why not include “team motivation” in your plan? Here are four ideas to get you started on the road to making your team excited about coming […]